• Our Story

    The Sculpting Spa has been providing the Upper Cumberland area with premiere Coolsculpting treatments since November of 2015.  Our elite spa is a family owned practice by Navin Jain, MHA, Natasha Jain, MBA and backed by Dr. Pushpendra K. Jain, MD whom has been a primary health care provider in Cookeville and the surrounding area since the late 1980s.

    Our staff is certified in Coolsculpting, a process which is also known as Cryolipolysis. This is a non-invasive cooling of fat that results in a 30% permanent loss of fat cells. This process is noninvasive, results in no downtime and overall is the opposite of invasive surgery that requires anesthesia, long recovery times and results in unsightly scarring. While meeting with our Coolsculpting experts, the proper consultation will be conducted in order to determine if clients are good candidates for a specific problem area of the body. Clients safety comes first and foremost in our spa; therefore, all questions and concerns will be addressed at this time as well. Our experts will contour and sculpt areas of the body that are FDA cleared problem areas which include: under the chin, abdomen area, love handles, bra fat, saddles bags, inner and outer thigh, flanks, knees, as well as arms.

    During your Coolsculpting treatment, our spa and staff will provide a calm environment in the Cool Lounge with low lighting to make napping possible. There is also accessibility to our flat screen T.V, Netflix on our iPad, complimentary water, soda, or wine and snacks. As well as WiFi access for our those who need to work while relaxing.  Several clients are pleased after a single procedure.  Nevertheless, during your consultation, the best treatment approach that will fulfill distinct treatment requirements will be determined. Some clients see changes as early as three weeks post procedure, and will encounter the most spectacular results immediately after one to three months. However, your immune system will still purge fat cells and proceed doing so for up to six months following the procedure.

    With millions of treatments preformed worldwide, we are happy to be your partner throughout your journey to a create a slimmer you.